SEALED WITH A KISS Aluminium Fountain Pen
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  • Kaweco Al Sport Silver Fountain Pen
  • Kaweco Aluminium Sport Silver Fountain Pen
  • Kaweco Al Sport Silver Fountain Pen

SEALED WITH A KISS Aluminium Fountain Pen


The Kaweco Al Sport Silver Fountain Pen is based on the original 1930’s octagonal design and is made from strong aluminium with a matte silver finish.

Specifications: pocket-sized, 10.5cm long when closed, 13.5cm with the cap posted, 1.4cm in diameter & weighs 47 grams

Fountain Pen / Medium Nib / Aluminium Barrel

Made in Germany

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From us to you, P&R | Kaweco

Classic Fountain Pen - White

Manufacturers of beautiful writing instruments for well over a century, KaWeCo is a long-established brand by an innovative company known around the world for its attention to detail and focus on tradition. The Heidelberger Federhalterfabrik (dip pen factory) was originally opened by Luce and Enßlen in 1883.

Here, wooden dip pens were produced, with fountain pens and golden nibs later imported by Morton, New York. In 1899, businessmen Heinrich Koch and Rudolph Weber, took over the factory, setting up production in Handschuhsheim, just outside of Heidelberg, where products with the brand names Perkeo, Omega and Kaweco were produced.

The year 1912 saw the founding of the Kaweco Sport, a patented pocket fountain pen for ladies, officers and sportsmen. This new Sport series introduced the first fountain pen to come with a cap, making it ideal for travelling. It is this series we carry here, at, along with a few other great Kaweco writing instruments.