M’LYN Drop Earring with Rose Gold & Amethyst
  • M'LYN-Drop-Earring---Rose-Gold-&-Amethyst

M’LYN Drop Earring with Rose Gold & Amethyst


The M’lyn was our very first earring design and named after a woman who has three pairs. We have been making this earring in every combination of metal and stone imaginable. Here it is in Rose Gold & Amethyst, for its 18th birthday. Evocative of an earlier time, this earring is a tailored classic. Also available in 18k Yellow Gold.

Materials: 18k Rose Gold
Gemstones: Amethyst

Made in Atlanta, Georgia

All prices in USD


As enamoured with  diamonds as much as the next girl, Lee Wiser McIntosh’s true passion lies in pearls.  A lifelong student of art and design, her favorite project is always the next one. In her former life as a film producer, McIntosh was a stickler for one rule: Never let the costume overshadow the character. Turning her trained eye to jewellery design, she builds upon that same aesthetic, creating subtle, sophisticated jewellery that, quite literally, becomes the person who wears it.

Lee believes that jewellery should draw its meaning from the woman who wears it, not the other way around: “Your body certainly isn’t there to provide a backdrop for the jewellery,” she explains. “The woman herself – her style, her personality, her comfort – is what’s important, and jewellery should simply enhance these qualites. Jewellery should never compete for attention.”

In the same way a producer guides a film’s artistry behind the scenes to meld interrelated characters and places into a cohesive whole, McIntosh’s designs coax an eloquent performance from the pearls, coloured stones, and metals she uses. Her careful selections and unexpected juxtapositions allow each material to develop its own voice while still demanding subtlety and balance.

The result is visually compelling, yet quiet and somewhat mysterious.

Expressive with no excess, each piece is designed to pique the imagination and signal the existence of intriguing possibilities. In the movies as well as in real life, isn’t that what makes a woman interesting?