Thin Dots Stacking Band

Thin Dots Stacking Band


Simple and classic, this sweet matte finish solid 14k gold ring can be used as a wedding band or is just as wonderful as a stacking band to match pretty much everything!

Recycled 14k gold
Width: 2.7mm (0.106inch) approx.
Thickness: 0.8mm (0.031inch) approx.

All prices in USD; Please allow 3-4 weeks before this item ships.

Made in Israel


Once a makeup artist in the film, television and commercial field, Michal often refers back to her previous career in the arts to draw inspiration from the colors, beauty and raw basic elements into her designs. Michal creates organic forms using gold, silver and integrates precious gemstones to invent unique works of art that complement the one that wears it and to connect the wearer to the piece itself. The designer’s experimentation with precious metals and unique gemstones carve a primal luxe aesthetic, elegant with an unapologetically confident appeal suitable for daily wear.