Ultra-Rich Organic Shea Butter Multi-Use Balm


This creamy, incredibly nourishing multi-use (face, body, hair) balm is composed of 5 vegetable oils with complementary properties:
Shea butter is rich in Vitamins A, K and E. Its anti-inflammatory action is mainly due to the cinnamic acid it contains. Shea butter is known for its moisturising, healing action, and for providing elasticity to the skin. The vitamin E it contains gives it anti-aging properties. The shea butter used in this formulation is organic, unrefined and fair trade.
Cocoa butter is rich in polyphenols and phytosterols, and contains squalene, making it particularly good for use in hair care.
Sesame oil contains vitamin E, provitamins A and B, and many other specific components (sesamin, sesamolin, sesamol, etc.) which are antioxidants; qualified as a therapeutic oil, sesame oil is good for caring most dermatological problems.
Apricot oil contains mainly vitamin E and phytosterols. This fine cosmetic oil is emollient, nourishing and penetrates easily. It is recommended for both body and face care as well as hair care.
Castor oil is a very specific oil composed of 90% ricinoleic acid, which gives it its exceptional viscosity, which allows it to fill in areas of damaged skin on hands and hair scales. This oil also contains fungicidal undecylenic acid, which is used in some medicines.
This Organic Shea Butter Multi-Use Balm is rich in vegetable butter and does not contain wax. Its texture varies depending on the ambient temperature. If you find it too hard in winter, place it near a heat source (radiator) to give it more flexibility. This balm is enriched with vitamin E, and its discreet sweet scent is entirely due to the vegetable oils it is composed of. There are no artificial perfumes or essential oils in this balm, making it suitable for toddlers, pregnant or breastfeeding women, and the most delicate skin types. This balm works for eczema as well as dry, cracked skin.
Composition: Shea butter *, sesame oil *, cocoa butter *, apricot oil *, castor oil *, sunflower oil, Vitamin E (and that’s it!)
/ * Ingredients from Organic Agriculture
Capacity: 120ml
Handmade / Organic / Eco-Friendly / Cruelty Free / Vegan
Made in France
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This range of cosmetics is formulated by naturopaths, herbalists and aromatherapists. Their composition is clean and minimalist, respecting the Slow Cosmétique label. There are no controversial ingredients such as palm oil, artificial fragrances, dyes, micas or synthetic surfactants. This range goes far beyond what organic standards impose in its formulations. These cosmetics are Cosmos Organic by Ecocert certified, which guarantees the tracing of raw materials and batches of finished products, as well as compliance with the qualitative and rigorous manufacturing process. These formulas are checked and validated by toxicologists and are obviously not tested on animals. Each recipe required extensive testing and several years of research and development. The idea is simple: take care of yourself, and the planet, gently.

Nos baumes sont fabriqués en petites séries, à la main, dans notre atelier Auvergnat. Nous respectons, à chaque étape, les bonnes pratiques de fabrication cosmétiques données par la norme ISO 22716. Notre atelier est déclaré auprès de l’ANSM (Agence Nationale de la Santé et du Médicament), à qui répondent les fabricants de cosmétiques français.

This balm is made by hand in small batches in our Auvergnat workshop. We respect, at every stage of production, the strict cosmetic manufacturing practices required by the ISO 22716 Standard. Our workshop is declared to the ANSM (National Agency for Health and Medicines), to which French cosmetic manufacturers respond.

This balm is rated 20/20 by cosmetic evaluation applications.

Take a small amount of balm and lightly massage onto your body (even better if skin is still a bit damp). For drier skin types, apply a generous amount of balm, massage lightly, and slip into cotton clothes before going to bed.

This balm also nourishes and protects hair: wear it overnight on the lengths of your hair as a mask or use it as a styling product on the ends to shape and nourish.

Use this balm on your feet by massaging a bit of balm on them, paying particular attention to the nails, cuticles and cracks in the heels; put on socks and leave overnight.


* ingredient from Organic Farming

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