Authentic Aleppo Soap with 5% Bay Laurel Essential Oil



Aleppo soap is the oldest of all soaps and the ancestor of Marseille soap. It is a natural soap composed of very few ingredients: olive oil, bay laurel oil, water and soda. Bay laurel oil is known for its purifying, astringent and disinfectant properties, and olive oil for hydrating and nourishing the skin. This soap contains 5% bay laurel oil. Aleppo soap can be used by the entire family, including infants. It is suitable for all skin types and particularly for sensitive or problem skin (eczema or psoriasis, for example). In fact, Aleppo soap unclogs pores and eliminates the sebum responsible for blackheads and pimples, and bay laurel essential oil has antiseptic properties that block the proliferation of bacteria responsible for acne. This soap can be used to wash your entire body, as a shampoo to help fight dandruff, and also as a shaving foam.
Store soap in a dry place; after use, leave to dry on a ventilated soap dish or loofah
Ingredients: Sodium Olivate, Aqua (Water), Sodium Laurelate, Glycerin, Sodium Chloride, Sodium Hydroxide
Composition: Saponified olive and bay laurel oils
Net weight: 190g
Handmade / Eco-Friendly / Cruelty Free / Vegan
Made in Syria
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This range of cosmetics is formulated by naturopaths, herbalists and aromatherapists. Their composition is clean and minimalist, respecting the Slow Cosmétique label. There are no controversial ingredients such as palm oil, artificial fragrances, dyes, micas or synthetic surfactants. This range goes far beyond what organic standards impose in its formulations. These cosmetics are Cosmos Organic by Ecocert certified, which guarantees the tracing of raw materials and batches of finished products, as well as compliance with the qualitative and rigorous manufacturing process. These formulas are checked and validated by toxicologists and are obviously not tested on animals. Each recipe required extensive testing and several years of research and development. The idea is simple: take care of yourself, and the planet, gently.

Aleppo soap can be used for laundry, especially if you have sensitive skin:
In a large bowl, pour 40g of Aleppo soap shavings
Boil some water and pour it into the bowl
Stir well to dissolve the shavings, then add 20g of soda crystals and 20g of baking soda
Allow to cool, stirring occasionally; your laundry detergent is now ready
Add about 60ml to the machine

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