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At the shops or the flower markets or on your next travel adventure, the Tuscany Tote will quickly become an all-time favourite. Named for the place where the beautiful all natural vegetable tanned leather comes from, this tote was designed without any interior pockets to keep it as streamlined as possible. It is made of the finest Italian leather from Tuscany and is extremely sturdy and can bear a lot of weight, making it perfect for picking up fruits & vegetables from the Saturday morning farmers market, carrying a laptop for work, or your travel essentials for a romantic weekend away …

Colour: Cognac
All natural vegetable tanned Italian leather
Dimensions : 12″ high x 16″ wide x 6″ base

Designed & made with love in Britain

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Design notes

We have always wanted to add a tote to our line but we wanted to ensure that we had a product that was as practical and durable as it was stylish. When Roséline and I began working on our design, we focussed on the size and construction. We knew that a lot of totes looked great initially, but quickly lost their shape with unsightly stretching on the leather, especially at the base of the bag where the bottom sometimes fall out. With the help of our highly experienced maker, we were able create a solid base for our tote and a unique construction that makes it roomy yet still appear sleek and stylish.

The other major aspect of utmost importance in the design was the choice of leather — we wanted something that was rich and full of character. For this reason, we choose a small family run tannery in Tuscany that specialises in vegetable tanned leather using traditional pit tanning; this complex process produces a timeless leather unparalleled in its depth of colour, smell and texture. We felt the leather we choose perfectly evoked the rolling landscape and rich history of Tuscany.P.F.M.

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Italian vegetable tanned leather. Made in Britain. Dimensions : 12″ high x 16″ wide x 6″ base